Special Courses at Ciclostile Lab

Interaction Design with Augmented Reality

The course explores the production and practices in the development of emerging forms of interactive multimedia technology and communications. Students will use the Aurasma Web Browser technology to experiment with Mixed and Augmented Reality, with a particular emphasis on the interaction between the virtual object and the real world bringing to life abstract concepts in an environment that includes both augmented reality and real-world elements. During the course students will learn the fundamentals of design, layout and typography integrating it with video, audio, photography and other visual elements to create interactive media combining digital printing and the world wide web. At the completion of the course each student will have produced an original interactive digital print and internet book project.

Artists’ Publications and Self Publishing

This class introduces students to the world of contemporary independent publishing, focusing particularly on the various ways an artist, designer, photographer or illustrator might use the short run, self published book format to explore ideas and work collaboratively with other artists. Students will learn a range of skills, including techniques in both mechanized and hand-pulled forms of printed media (Risograph, Letterpress, Mimeograph,); short- run editions and binding; design and layout; pre-press and print production. The course aims to develop a balance between formal book making and authorship.Students will learn about and become acquainted with some of the most significant independent publishers working today and throughout history. At the same time students are required to develop their own ideas through research and conceptualization which they then employ as content for their books. Students will leave class having completed individual projects and a final book in an edition of ten, designed, developed and published in class.

Studying at the Florence School of Fine Arts

The Florence School offers a full range of accredited studio art courses for semester, academic year and summer term.
Visit the school website at www.theflorenceschool.it for a full listing of classes.

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