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We offer creative workshops in ciclostile printmaking using Gestetner and Risograph print techniques,  Letterpress and Screen printing every month. No experience is necessary and they are open to anyone who wants to learn how to print. 

Upcoming Workshop


Saturday April 29 

100 euro
At the completion of the workshop each participant will have a series of finished prints having learned a range of different techniques with hands on experience in the operation of the Gesteter stencil machine.All supplies are included in the cost of the workshop.

Workshop will be held at the Florence School of Fine Arts, Casa del Vasari located in the historic center of Florence.
Leading the workshop will be Melania Lanzini, Charles Loverme and Antonio Malaspina. All three are renowned experts on the culture and technology of mimeography dividing their time between restoring vintage printing presses, organizing international workshops and teaching contemporary graphic and photo arts to international students. This is the second workshop of its kind delivered in Italy and hosted at the Florence School of Fine Arts..

The Florence School of Fine Arts is pleased to present a workshop exploring the creative possibilities of printing with restored vintage Gestetner stencil duplicators (also called mimeograph machines).This technology predates the photocopier and is often compared to the process used on the Risograph machine. The mimeograph process is both analog and digital and involves creating text, images, and hand-drawn artwork on a master screen, which can then be used to print and make multiple copies from the machine.The archeology of media such as the stencil duplicator and letterpress are being rediscovered by a new generation of artists, graphic designers, illustrators and photographers who want a hands-on experience of creating something in the physical world. Old has become the new New, using these vintage machines and putting ink on paper produces a unique visual and tactile impact which is creating new aesthetics and creative direction in book arts, printmaking, self publishing, and print ephemera. For more information, please send an email to: 


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